10 hot positions for queer couples

by LotteLust

Trying new things is an important part of a fun and healthy sex life. Are you looking for new inspiration for your sexytime with your girlfriend or hook-up? Throw these hot positions into the mix. Fireworks guaranteed.


Intimate and a good variety. Sit on your girl’s lap with your back to her. She has plenty of room to stimulate your clit with her fingers or with a vibrator, and to kiss your neck. Your breasts and nipples can also receive the necessary attention in this position.

Lazy 69

You are probably familiar with soixante-neuf, but hurdlng over each other can be exhausting. Do you have less energy at the moment, but still want to spoil each other? Then the lazy 69 is the solution. It’s almost the same, but while lying on your side. Easy pleasy!

Scissor sisters

Scissors, that should of course not be missing from this list. It takes some practice and skills, but scissoring is the ultimate position for pleasure. If you can work together well, you can try to come at the same time.

Standing ovation

A standing orgasm can bring a whole new sensation. This position requires a good balance. Kneel in front of the other. She raises one of her legs so that you can stimulate her orally. Depending on how tall she is, you have to bend at the knees a bit. Or do as the girls in the image below and pull on the hottest heels.

Face to face

Sit across from each other, facing each other. Both of you spread your legs. This way you can get started with handicrafts, Vibo’s and possibly a double toy: for this you move both your hips back and forth.

P.S. You don’t have to keep your socks on. 😉

Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the most famous sex positions. Do you enjoy sex toys including strap-on? Use handcuffs to make this position extra kinky.

Not so missionary

You can use a strap-on during many sex positions. Also during missionary. Your breasts touch with every thrust. Surrender yourself completely to her by tying yourself down.

The missile

If you’re both comfortable with it, you sit with on her face. She has a great view and her hands free to give you a nice breast massage. You can lean back a bit and rub her clit.

The triangle

Standing sexing has something special about it. With this position you spoon standing, as it were. Stand close together, let the lady in front raise her leg slightly. Play with your fingers or with a love toy.

Hips up

Place two soft pillows under your butt while eating. This way she can reach it better and you are ultra-comfortable. Also important for pleasant love making!

Images: Cosmopolitan


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