These 5 summer foods will get you in the mood for sex

by LotteLust
summer foods

It is already the summer of the heat waves and with these summer foods it will definitely be a very hot summer. We looked up nature’s viagra for you! Put these refreshing aphrodisiacs in your picnic basket and have fun …


The ultimate summer fruit is of course the watermelon. Besides being super sexy to eat (juice running down your chin, just saying…), the fruit is also beneficial for the libido. Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that aids blood flow to the sexual organs. You know: the more blood that flows to your vagina, the more aroused you get.

Ice cream with dark chocolate

The libido-boosting effects of dark chocolate in a deliciously refreshing snack. Thanks to the “love substance” you get the feeling of being in love from dark chocolate. Studies prove that women who eat a piece of chocolate every day have a more active sex life. What stops you? And that you make the men go crazy because of the sensual licking movements is of course a nice bonus …


Blueberries contain many antioxidants, which improve the blood circulation. You guessed it: this allows the blood to flow better to your sex organs with more sex drive as a result. The berries also give a boost to the dopamine level, which enables the release of the feel-good hormone.


The fruit is rich in potassium, bromelain and B vitamins, these two are essential for the production of sex hormones. In addition, a woman who eats a banana is a very hot view, if you know what we mean, so also good for the libido of your boyfriend or fling.


Like a banana, pineapple contains potassium and bromelain. Also give your boyfriend some slices of pineapple, as it is said to make his stuff taste better.


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