Erotic story: a wild summer evening

by LotteLust

“Time for wine!” people call next to me. Everyone is still busy with their heads in their laptops. Things like ‘yes, almost ready’ and ‘wait, this has to be done’ are shouted from behind the screens. Liz sighs excessively hard and slaps her screen down. “Girls, I’m really done with it. I’m going to have wine.” I have to laugh and am so glad I don’t have to be the first to scream that through the room. I’d rather open my laptop again on Saturday morning than go on now, on Friday afternoon. I will not last another minute longer behind that thing. I have not been able to concentrate for three hours, and I really don’t think that two hours later something fantastic will suddenly come out of my hands. Tomorrow, I’ll try again. And so I follow Liz’s example and close my laptop too.

Half an hour later we are all sitting on the roof terrace drinking wine. It’s so wonderful that we gathered these club girls together. The Friday afternoon drinks eventually become standard Friday evening drinks and we can really discuss everything with each other. Food is ordered, which is really necessary with all those bottles of wine that we’re drinking. And before we know it, the phone rings and the Uber man is downstairs. I jump up to get it and Liz volunteers to come along.

I’m feeling very tipsy as I hop into the elevator, which causes me to tel Liz that I feel like having sex tonight. Liz laughs but understands me completely. “I know!” she calls back at me. She asks if I will want to go with her tonight to some friend of a friend of that one owner of something. I have no idea what she’s talking about. I just know that I don’t want to go home for a long time and I do feel like meeting new people. I immediately say yes.

And so a few hours later, when the drinks at work end, we cycle to the house of the friend of a friend of that one owner. Or something. We arrive at a gigantic mansion that turns out to be theirs. When I walk in I feel heavily underdressed. Liz is always dressed fancy so she’s not having any problems, but I dive into the first toilet I see to clean myself up. I open an extra button on my blouse and tie the bottom up, pull my elastic from my hair and shake it out into a wild bunch of curls. From my purse, I fish out a lipstick that I probably use just three times a year. When I look at the end result in the mirror I am not too dissatisfied. Liz agrees and makes noises of approval when I leave the bathroom, admiring me excessively. “Ok, let’s look for some hot guys,” she then says. 

There seems to be an infinite number of rooms in the house. The host is very busy, the co-host is nowhere to be seen. I don’t see the logic, but Liz seems to know where to go. We finally end up on a rooftop once again, where Liz spots two handsome, smooth guys, and flies into their arms. “Hey!!” she cries drunkenly and boisterously to the guests. “You here too?!” Then she breaks away from their arms and stands solemnly. “This is Mary and she is in the mood for sex,” she blurts out while she extends her arm to me. Normally, I would die from embarrassment, but I drank so much myself that I nod convincingly. “Right!” I shout.

“Hi Mary who feels like having sex,” says the blond guy, who introduces himself as Jochem, dead serious. He leans over and gives me a kiss right next to my mouth. “I already enjoy meeting you.” He whispers in my ear. My knees are spontaneously getting week.

Liz has stepped into the dark guy’s arms. He reaches out behind her and I shake his hand weakly. “Nice to meet you Mary.” He winks at me and introduces himself as Sem. Again, my knees feel weak.

The guys decide we need a drink, although I think I’ve had enough. When they come back with four glasses, I leave mine aside. The music is loud throughout the house, and likewise on the roof terrace where Liz and I are dancing. More and more Liz and I are seeking each other out and dance closer together. We caress each other while looking at the guys defiantly. Then I feel Liz’s lips on my mouth. Secretly, I had been looking forward to this all evening. I kiss back eagerly and let my tongue slide into her mouth. I feel that someone is standing behind me and when I open my eyes, I see that Jochem has stepped behind Liz. I let my head drop slightly back on Sem’s shoulder and feel his full lips in my neck. It feels good. Curious and yearning for more, I turn to put my lips on his. A very horny and deep slow kiss ensues. I feel Liz slide her hand into mine and she gently pulls me down the patio with her. Before I know it, we have reached a huge bedroom. The sheets, curtains, everything is decorated in off-white and beige tones. The men have followed us and are already half naked behind us. Liz also kicks off her heels and slips her dress off her shoulders. Then three pairs of eyes look at me expectantly. I enjoy the attention. The excitement. Slowly, I unbutton the two buttons that are still closed on my blouse. Jochem walks over to me and pushes the blouse off my shoulders. He puts his hand on my neck and runs his tongue gently over my lips. I close my eyes and let myself be licked. Behind me I can feel Liz loosening my skirt and pulling it down. I step out of my loafers so that I am left in my lingerie.

While Sem takes Liz’s hand, Jochem slowly pushes me towards the bed until I feel it against my legs and gently plop down on it. I look at him expectantly. I want him to take me. With his hands he pushes my shoulders back on the bed and with his legs, he pushes my knees apart so he can stand between them. He towers over me and I feel the nipples of my breasts pop out. As if they want to say: grab me, lick me, squeeze me. He does. He uses both hands to roughly knead my breasts, pulls my bra down roughly under my breasts and pulls at my nipples so that I push them up with a moan. I take him by the neck and kiss him deeply and gratefully. He manages to loosen my bra with one hand and casually throws it away before rubbing his hand down my chest over my soaking wet panties. The fabric is so wet and thin, so that he can find my clit through it and stroke it with long strokes. Behind Jochem I hear Liz and Sem moaning so hard that it can only mean one thing. They couldn’t wait any longer.

Actually, neither can I and I beg Jochem to come inside me. But he has other plans, and falls to his knees on the ground. I feel his warm breath through my panties before he slowly lets it slide over my butt, thighs and ankles to the floor.

Suddenly there are Sem and Liz. Sem comes to lie next to me on one side, Liz on the other. I don’t have time to think about the situation, because I immediately feel their hands everywhere. Jochem gets up and pulls my legs towards him. I feel his stiff cock pass my clit and slowly slide into me. Sem grabs my breast and starts to kiss me, while Liz licks the nipple of my other breast. Jochem slowly starts to move back and forth, his hands gripping the back of my knees to lift me up. Liz’s fingers slide down my stomach towards my clit, and begin to work it slowly and in long strokes. I don’t know where to look, with all hands and mouths surrounding me. Sem’s tongue plunges into my mouth and I start to moan, which gives him the opportunity to tongue more deeply. Jochem increases his pace and Liz follows his example with her fingers. My hands try to grab something to hold on to for the explosion that was coming, and find the smooth satin sheets of the bed. I groan when I reach a climax, my back arches and my orgasm lasts forever. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I beg them as my body continues to shake. Then eventually, I lower myself back into the bed and roll myself onto my side to recover.

As if it were the most natural thing in the world, we lie half on each other, and half side by side in bed, recovering. Then the guys gather their clothes. Liz and I watch them get dressed from the bed. “If you feel like having sex again Sanne, then you know where to find us,” Sem says while winking at me. Even after this whole thing, it still makes me shy. 

“Bye ladies. See you next time.” Jochem holds the door open for Sem who is still pulling his shirt over his head and then walks through the back. When the door closes I look at Liz in disbelief. Then we both burst out laughing. 

“Thank you,” I hiccup when we finally recover a bit. 

“No problem! ” she exclaims, spontaneously gives me a kiss on my cheek, and then jumps out of the bed to get dressed again.

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