The 7 most amazing sex positions for a quickie for man-woman couples

by LotteLust
couple biracial;

Is the passion alive and kicking, but are you short on time? A quickie is the solution. A quickie can be both intimate and kinky. What are the best positions to get your money’s worth in rush hour? We’ll tell you the best quickie positions.


Fast and easy: spooning is ideal if you feel like fast sex but have little energy. Both the man and woman do not have to use much effort in the spooning position. Bonus: he has his hands free to massage your breasts and clitoris.

Reverse cowgirl

Would you rather be in charge as a woman? The LotteLust Reserve cowgirl position is a perfect position if you want to determine the rhythm and speed yourself. This position is a lot more intense than the “normal” cowgirl. When you sit upside down, you feel more pressure on your G-spot and you and he experience more friction because of the other angle.

Standing ovation

Sometimes the desire is too great and the bed too far. A game of vertical sex is not always easy, but it does have a high passion score. If you are going to sex while standing, you must take into account the height difference between you and your lover. In the LotteLust standing ovation position, the man lifts the woman. This is a position for men with strong arm muscles. To make it easy, you can find support against the wall or on a high table.

Sitting on the table

The good thing about a spontaneous quickie is that you often try out other sex spots. The kitchen table, sofa, washing machine, sink. In a fit of excitement, push everything off the table and plant your butt on the edge. The man is standing in front of the table and takes charge. Sit up straight and kiss or sit back and enjoy your view. It’s your choice.


The LotteLust position Lapdance is perfect for a quickie on the couch. The woman sits on the man’s lap with her legs crossed behind him. It is an intimate position where you as a woman are in control. By sensually moving your hips forwards and backwards, you give away a sexy show. You can also move together. By letting him lift your buttocks slightly, he can thrust gently and move you up and down.

Doggy style

Of course, “on his dogs” should not be missing from a list of positions for a quickie. The man’s favorite position is ideal for quick sex. The big advantage is that doggie can go anywhere. On the bed, over a table, in the middle of the room, against the wall. If you want to get off the butt “ff” quickly, then doggie is the way to go.

Legs up

Is the combination bed plus missionary your favorite? Make it more exciting by throwing your legs in flight. You can do it in two ways. One, put them over his shoulders and let him bend all over you so he can go extra deep. Option two is a bit kinkyer: Cross your ankles and let him push your legs up and towards your head.


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