16 cool facts about breasts

by LotteLust
facts about breasts

Boobs! Whether they are big or small: everyone loves them! In honor of our big (or small) girlfriends, we’ve gathered the most compelling facts about breasts.

  1. Breasts have a complicated anatomy. They’re made up of fat, nerves, arteries, breast tissue and connective tissue.
  2. There are eight types of nipples. Normal, flat, reversed and puffy among others.
  3. Six percent of people have an extra nipple.
  4. Nipple orgasms really exist. As in: cumming by stimulation of the nipples only. Oxytocin is released when the nipples are stimulated, the substance that is partly responsible for vaginal orgasms.
  5. The largest natural cup size is ZZZ and belongs to the American Annie (Norma Stitz). 
  6. In most women the left breast is larger than the right.
  7. Nipple hair is normal. So chill… you’re not the only one.
  8. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  9. Breasts usually grow for two to four years after your first period.
  10. There are of course other factors that determine growth. The size of your breasts changes every month. The fluctuation in hormones during menstruation and ovulation makes for bigger (and sometimes more painful) boobs.
  11. Smoking is a bad habit and it also has negative consequences for your breasts. Smoking decreases the elasticity of your skin, which can cause breasts to sag.
  12. Nipples can become darker during pregnancy. Blame hormones.
  13. Those little bumps on your areola have a name. They are called Montgomery glands and produce natural juices that keep the skin around the nipple moist and protected.
  14. Wow. Each nipple has 15 to 10 openings (lobes) where breast milk comes out. Each lobe has 20 to 40 mammary glands to which milk ducts are attached.
  15. Sleeping on your stomach can change the shape of your nipples and breasts. Too bad, but true.
  16. They come in all shapes and sizes: but of course we already knew that. 😉

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