Sex tips from happy couples

by LotteLust

A relationship without sex is like a summer holiday without sunshine. It’s still fun, but you can’t fully enjoy it. Sex with your partner is something intimate that you don’t do with anyone else. Having a good time between the sheets regularly keeps your relationship special.

Are you in a sex slump? Keep fueling that love flame. Read these tips for a healthy sex life with your bae.

Get in the mood

Sex should never be an obligation in a relationship. So, don’t treat sex like a chore. There’s nothing sexy about having sex with someone who isn’t fully enjoying it. If you do often suffer from low sex drive, think about what you find sexy in bed. Don’t dive into bed just to please them, but also yourself!

Feeling sexy

One of the most important habits of happy couples is believing in their own sex appeal. Your partner is not just turned on by anyone, but by you! Believing in that can really make a difference.

Appreciate the little things

Surprising your lover with a candle-lit path to the bedroom where the bed is covered in rose petals while Marvin Gaye plays in the background… A lovely gesture, but there’s no need to overdo it to keep your partner happy between the sheets. A simple text with a heart or a flirty sext can make their day just as well.

Take your time

In the beginning of your relationship, you were at it like rabbits. Good times! When the first honeymoon phase is ending, the amount of times you jump into bed with each other usually decreases. But no worries, sometimes it’s just a matter of making time in your busy schedule. Agree on how often you want to do it each week. It’s not a super romantic of course, but it’s better than nothing.

Don’t pressure yourself

It would be great if every sex session happens like in the movies: you tear each other’s clothes off, you last for hours and you both enjoy multiple orgasms. Happy couples know that it can’t be fireworks every time and they also know that that’s not a bad thing. Pressuring yourself and each other to be perfect every time is disastrous. It actually makes the whole experience less enjoyable, because it doesn’t live up to the unrealistic expectations.

What are your tips for a long-lasting fun sex life?


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