28 wisdoms about sex every woman should know

by LotteLust
wisdoms about sex

In your life you will learn more and more about the do’s and don’ts of sex. The sooner and the more you learn these during your (sex) life, the better your sex will be! To save you a lot of time and mistakes, we have collected 28 wisdoms about sex that every (young) woman should know.

  1. You can’t complain if you didn’t ask

Your bed partner cannot read your mind. Logical. Do yourself and him a favor by telling you what you like and when. Simple as that.

  1. Faking it doesn’t give you better sex

Many women have ever faked an orgasm for a variety of reasons. To spare someone’s feelings, get rid of them quickly, or save themselves from shame. However, it is not necessary and very much inadvisable. You’re defeating your own libido by pretending to cum. If you fake while you don’t like it, the guy will think that particular move is working. And he will use it again to make you come. A vicious circle, in other words. Look at wisdom 1: communication is key to good, satisfying sex.

  1. Give and take

We don’t want to say “an eye, for an eye,” but nobody wants to sleep with an egoist.

  1. But sometimes the other goes first

It doesn’t have to be a draw of course … A good sex partner doesn’t care about keeping up and puts your pleasure first. Hallelujah!

  1. Sometimes swallowing is easier

No need for tissues and awkward situations.

  1. Moaning is key

Whatever sound you make… squeak, groan or scream. Use your voice to indicate whether his move is on the right track.

  1. A first time is never great

The tension beforehand was more exciting than the act itself. Bummer. But rest assured. You never have good sex the first time (with someone). Practice makes perfect, because every person is different.

  1. But if he doesn’t do his best, he’s not worth it.

See wisdom 3!

  1. Beware of men who go through the back door without being asked

Sex must always arise from the consent of two people. Any kind of sex: oral sex, vaginal sex and – yes, guys – anal sex too. Surprise buttsex, I didn’t think so….

  1. Masturbation is not just for men

Studies have proven that women who regularly masturbate get more frequent and better orgasms. And don’t just stick to a vibrator, use your fingers to find out what you like.

  1. You can also masturbate together

If there is one thing that drives men crazy in bed it’s when he can’t touch you while you’re pleasuring yourself.

  1. Be open to new things

Knowing which actions give you an orgasm is very important, but always keep trying new things. Research shows that doing new things makes sex a lot more exciting.

  1. Cleaning up is for both

Nothing is more unromantic than having a towel thrown at your head post-ejaculation/orgasm.

  1. Sex is not mandatory

No woman or man is up for sex every night. Now and then you just don’t feel like it. Don’t be afraid to say “no”.

  1. But also say yes sometimes

Sometimes in a relationship there is no room for sex for a while due to busy schedules or other stress factors. Surrender now and then. Even if it’s fifteen minutes of your night’s sleep – you can really miss it for a quickie. This way you also maintain the intimacy in your relationship.

  1. Your body is great

Curvy or not, big or small breasts, thin or athletic build, a big butt or none at all and everything in between: your body is all you have. Be happy with it and send guys who complain about it out of bed right away.

  1. Foreplay is a must

Some men do not understand the essence of a starter and want to go straight to the main course. Wait. A woman does not have an on and off switch. You have to warm her up, and you do that by hugging, kissing, caressing, oral sex, fingering. And okay, if you really skip it, use good lube.

  1. He doesn’t always have to start

Men generally have a higher libido and are more likely to initiate sex. Yet they also find it very exciting when a woman pulls him into bed for a change.

  1. Don’t judge friends’ sex lifes

One person starts having sex at the age of 15 and the other at the age of 23. One does it every week with another and the other has been doing it for years with the same boyfriend. Does it matter? (No!)

  1. Not sure if you came? Then you didn’t come

A G-spot or A-spot (erogenous zone deep in the vagina) orgasm is a life goal, but not easy: so keep practicing! Most women can have an orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

  1. Morning breath + morning sex = spooning

Sex in the morning is a real boost. But that morning breath is anything but exciting. Spooning sex is the way to go!

  1. Sexy lingerie brings excitement into your sex life

It’s true. A beautiful, seductive lingerie set can work wonders for sex and your self-confidence.

  1. Sex is dirty

It’s sticky and you don’t even want to know how many bacteria you’re exchanging. Fortunately, the pleasure makes up for a lot.

  1. Kissing is important

Sometimes you forget how good it is to just kiss for half an hour.

  1. Try dirty talk

If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Dirty talk can make you so horny that you cum faster. It doesn’t hurt to try.

  1. Don’t tell all the details in a long term relationship

Yes, it is certainly fun to tell your girlfriends about your bedtime adventures, but the longer you are in a relationship, the more it will work against you. Your intimate moments will  no longer be intimate.

  1. Men don’t care that you’re not perfect, but that you think you’re sexy.

A sexy woman is only really sexy when she thinks that way about herself. You can still have the best genes in the world, the most beautiful breasts and the best butt… If you don’t show yourself that you’re worth it, he doesn’t believe it.

  1. Enjoy it

Cliché, huh? But so true. Let your worries drift away and enjoy yourself. Your twenties may fly by, your thirties might too, but good sex is timeless!


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