4 sex positions that make him happy

by LotteLust
sex positions

There are many different positions. Men love it when you up with new moves to try out in bed. No inspiration? No worries! We know exactly what your guy will like. These are the best sex positions to pleasure him (and yourself as well of course).

  1. Doggy style

The ultimate favorite among most men: doggy a.k.a. doggy style. Maybe because this position is in line with the primal behavior of the man, it’s the most macho position in bed you can image. You sit on your knees on the bed and lift up your butt. He stands (or is on his knees) behind you, slips into you and starts thrusting.

  1. Seated missionary

The seated missionary is the exciting version of the classic missionary position. During this sex position you can look him deep in the eye or kiss each other passionately. What a romance! This position goes as follows: lie on your back on the bed or on the couch and pull up your legs, he will sit on his knees and hold your thighs. In this position he can set the tempo well. With this position you can easily reach your clitoris for the ultimate orgasm.

  1. Girl on top

Expect a big, big smile on his face when you propose to do cowgirl in bed. This position is sought after by men for several reasons. He can enjoy your beautiful boobies that move back and forth, it takes little effort and he finds the whole image super sexy. You who ride it like a kind of Amazon… Hot!

You can read tips for getting better at girl on top here.

  1. Standing ovation

Your boy will love this position because he has a nice view of your booty. You perform it like this: your love is against a wall, you put your arms around his neck and lift one leg that you wrap around his waist. He grabs you by the hips and penetrates you.

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