5 things that increase your chance of getting an STD

by LotteLust

An STD… a horrible souvenir from sex that nobody wants. But still, it happens. Even when using a condom you can still get an STD like herpes. In addition, there are other factors that increase the risk of a sexually transmitted disease. Believe us, you want to know. Check them out quickly!

  1. Removing your pubic hair

In the seventies, a bit of hair on your private parts was still normal. Due to the bald example of porn, the norm in recent years is the balder the better. Although: we think you should know that for yourself. Pubic hair does have a function, contrary to what many people think. While many people consider hair to be unsanitary, it actually helps with “trapping” bacteria to some extent and not entering the vagina. In addition, shaving, trimming or waxing can cause minor damage to your skin. Because of the mini wounds that arise, you can be infected with an STD faster. So if you do remove your hair, don’t do it right before you dive between the sheets.

  1. If you’ve had an STD before

Once you have contracted an STD, you have an increased risk of a second (or third…) round forever. According to the CDC, an American center for health, it is because an STD can cause delicate damage in the skin. So be extra careful if you’ve had an STD before.

  1. If you have an STD right now

When you already have an STD, you have an increased chance of contracting it even more. That’s the thing … Open sores or blisters that a sexually transmitted disease can cause your mucous membrane to be more vulnerable to other STDs or HIV. So no adventures until your antibiotic treatment is over.

  1. Vaginal douches

We’ll keep repeating it: vaginal douches and wax emulsions are completely unnecessary. Trust the gynecologist and not the marketing of a commercial company. Using these intimate products can disrupt the natural balance of your vagina (even though they claim to stimulate it) by containing both good and bad bacteria. One of the consequences is that you are more likely to get an STD. Research shows that women who regularly use a vaginal douche are 84 percent more likely to contract an STD.

  1. Having sex dry

We already wrote it in our book “Are you coming?”: you need maximum sexual arousal in your head and body to have (penetration) sex and/or to cum. That ultimate excitement is necessary to moisten your vagina and make penetration literally smooth. Having sex when you have a dry vagina can be painful. This can even cause small cracks and wounds. A little lube can help too, but you shouldn’t consider this a substitute.


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