6 common modern dating dilemmas

by LotteLust

Dating in 2020 is anything but a fairy tale. You no longer meet boyfriend material face-to-face, but through dating apps. Nice and easy. All those singles at your fingertips. You can literally choose. You exchange a few well-thought out opening lines and you have a date in no time. And then you are still not sure whether you actually have a date with a capital D or whether you ‘just have a drink.’

It seems like we are allergic to relationships nowadays. It should above all stay casual. For the romanticists among us, a search for love is no fun. That is why we list 6 common dating dilemmas.

A date isn’t always a date

Nobody ever asks, ‘Would you like to go on a date with me?’. Above all, it should be nice and chill. Netflix & chill. Or just have a drink. As if choosing an outfit was not complicated, you now have all kinds of vague questions. So you have to be prepared for everything. Friendship, one night stand, fling, relationship.

Flings forever

You spend every free hour together. You always walk hand-in-hand on the street, send good morning texts and go to birthday parties together. But when someone asks if you are in a relationship, you invariably shake no. ‘Relationship?! No, we don’t put a label on it.’ We are afraid of labels nowadays. Before you know it, it’s a fling  until you have five children.

When do you sleep with him or her?

Would you rather wait until the fifth date? Then you are a prude. On the first date? Then you are a slut. Casual dating may be nice because you are very free, but you can also be written off three times faster. Fortunately, there are also people who don’t think that way.

Double standards

It’s no secret that young men and women in the Tinder era enjoy casual sex, but we are treated unequally. A man who shares the bed with several women a week is ‘just a guy’ hanging out. While in such a case a woman will soon be thought of as a slut.

No romance 

In Tinder town there is no place for romance. Flowers on a first date? Forget it. Because romantic gestures are a sign of a relationship. And that does not fit with the modern dating scene. Of course you can end up in a nice relationship from fling status, but then you have missed those romantic gestures.

A fling falls in love with you (or vice versa)

A friends with benefits relationship is very smart. Good sex, no drama, no obligations. The disadvantage is that one of the two always likes the other a little bit more. Maybe you’ll fall in love yourself!

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