How to shorten your period: 5 natural ways

by LotteLust

We all prefer our periods to be as short and as light as possible, but Mother Nature thinks otherwise. Most women have a menstrual period that lasts between three and seven days, but there seem to be some natural tricks to shorten the menstrual cycle and/or reduce the flow. It hasn’t been scientifically proven but it never hurts to try!

  1. Working out

By moving regularly, you can make your period shorter and lighter. Movement strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and can better an irregular menstrual cycle. It also helps by increasing the amount of fat around the ovaries and other internal organs long-term.

  1. Sex, sex, sex

There are many contradictions to whether or not having sex shortens the menstrual period, but it does make you feel better. Some women say having an orgasm relieves their menstrual cramp and the contracting of the uterus feels like a soothing massage. Besides, when you use a sponge tampon, you can have ‘clean’ sex. Do you (or your partner) don’t like bloody sex? No worries, solosex is also an ideal medicine. Worth a try, right?

  1. Drink enough

Drinking one to two liters of water a day may be old news, but what you may not have known is that drinking plenty of water can also contribute to a healthy cycle. Being more hydrated makes your body get rid of toxins faster, which means less blood loss

  1. Gooseberries

The gooseberry is the perfect berry for during your period. The gooseberry influences your progesterone level. A low progesterone level in your body can lead to a heavy period. By eating the gooseberry, your progesterone level will be better balanced, which in turn can make your menstrual period last shorter.

  1. Menstrual cups

What also seems to help is using a menstrual cups instead of tampons. Especially if you suffer from very heavy and/or long periods, it is definitely worth switching to this sustainable alternative. Many women who use reusable menstrual products say they experience a lighter and/or shorter menstrual period.

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