Science says this is guaranteed to get a penis owner turned on

by LotteLust

Sometimes people with penises don’t feel like having sex, they’re only human, just like vagina owners. It’s perfectly normal, but it can be frustrating when you are in the mood for some action. According to scientists there is one thing that will surely turn them on…

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has proven that watching porn is the best way for a penis owner (or in this casestudy: a man) to get aroused. Surprise, surprise.

What gets them in the mood?

Researchers questioned 280 men, half of whom were in a relationship, about their porn habits and sexual desires. They were then left alone in a room to watch a porno film that featured vaginal sex. Afterwards, their feelings of lust were measured. The results did not lie. The men became instantly aroused, even those who normally watched spicy BSDM porn. Not so strange, this result … since the cis male gender is very visually oriented.

Higher libido because of porn

“Watching more erotic films is associated with a higher sex drive, including the desire for sex with a partner. So porn can fuel the sexual fire,” says Nicole Prause, research scientist in the Department of Psychiatry at the UCLA Semel Institution for Neuroscience.

So is your man in a slight libido slump? Put on a kinky movie and you can probably have some sex after that. Here is a list of exciting porn videos that are female-friendly. Do make sure your partner is actually in the mood, and you’re not pressuring them too much. Everybody needs a sex break you know.


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