Viennese Oyster: an intimate position for intense sex

by LotteLust
Viennese Oyster

Everyone has a list in their head of their favorite sex positions. You know, a few go-to positions that send you to seventh heaven time after time. Well, we have another mind blowing position that should not be missing from your bedroom repertoire. The Viennese Oyster: an intimate and intense position. And, you have to be pretty flexible!

What is the Viennese Oyster?

The Viennese Oyster is a sexual position where the woman lies on the bottom. The first thing I wondered when I read about the Viennese Oyster was where the name comes from. Contrary to what I expected (and maybe you too), ‘Viennese Oyster’ does not stand for the position the woman takes in this position. The Viennese Oyster is a synonym for what the woman’s vulva looks like when she maneuvers herself into the position. We get the resemblance, to be completely honest.

Viennese Oyster: this is how you do it

In this sex position, the woman lies on the bottom and the man on top. But make no mistake: this girl on the bottom position is anything but boring. As the woman, you lie on the bed with your face to the ceiling. Then throw your legs in the air as far as possible and let him sit on top of you. He leans on the bed with his knees and lower legs. Let him slide inside you (make sure you are turned on enough first). The idea is that your feet are in your neck. If that doesn’t work (yet), you can let him help you. Let him grab your ankles and gently(!) ‘fold’ you further. The dominant element can also play a part in your excitement and make the sex extra exciting.

Tip: Don’t make him move up and down, but from front to back like in the CAT position. With this technique, he rubs against your clitoris, which may help you to reach a climax! Otherwise, of course, you can always use a mini vibrator or a couple’s toy to increase the chances of reaching an orgasm.

What makes the Viennese Oyster so amazing?

This is why you should give the Viennese Oyster a try:

  • As a woman, you don’t have to do much: just enjoy!
  • Because your legs hang far in the air, deep penetration is possible,
  • Thanks to the angle you assume, it hits your G-spot extra hard.
  • If you are very flexible, you can also kiss each other.
  • The dominance element can be extra exciting.

This is what the Viennese Oyster looks like

In order to perform this position as well as possible, an illustration of the sex position is helpful. That is why we have looked for two illustrations that capture the position well. Yes, like we said: as a woman, you have to be pretty flexible for this.


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