The 6 signs of a healthy sex life

by LotteLust

What is considered a ‘healthy sex life?’ You never really know how you compare to, say, your neighours. And while you and your friends will happily share your newest hookup stories, the more difficult details are rarely discussed. Are you curious about whether your sex life is happy and healthy or not? Check out these signs.

You’re feeling happy, stable & confident

The happier women are with the way their body looks, the more satisfied they become with their sex life. That confidence makes it easier to get turned on and achieve an orgasm. It’s not about the size of your thighs or cellulite. On the contrary: it’s all about letting those insecurities go and enjoy the moment!


Of course you can’t expect your partner to read your mind. Do you want to try something new, or is your lover nowhere near your clit? Just. Tell. Them. It’s really that easy! Your partner will thank you for it: your honesty will make it way easier to be intimate in a healthy and enjoyable way. Do you find it uncomfortable to express your sexual desires? Maybe try to start off with some lighthearted sexting.

Proper planning

Is scheduling your time together considered unsexy? Well… sometimes there’s no way around it! Busy couples will understand. With a fulltime job and a demanding social life, your sex life might come to suffer for it. The biggest pro of planning ahead is, of course, getting to look forward to what’s about to come. You’ll be running a lot of red lights!

You don’t keep score

“Damn, this month we’ve only had sex once .” Do you catch yourself saying this a lot? Keeping score is not a good way to maintain a healthy sex life. In a research published by the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, one group of couples were told to double the amount of times they usually have sex. The other half of the couples made no changes. The result? The couples who actively tried to have more sex were less happy with their sex lives.  

No pity sex

“Come on, let’s just have sex really quick? Please?” Does this sound familiar to you? Say no to that! Allowing pity sex to happen turns intimacy into a chore, and that’s exactly what we do not want.


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