The 5 most romantic places on Earth

by LotteLust
most romantic places

Mother Earth is full of beautiful places to discover and we have found five very romantic places to go with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a love trip! It may not be wise to go now, but we all need fantasizing and planning for the future. Having something nice and romantic in prospect will hopefully help us through the coming period!

  1. Venice

You don’t have to travel far for this place! You could even drive there by car, so you don’t necessarily have to be on the other side of the world for beautiful destinations. You have probably seen the Italian city of Venice on TV, Pinterest or magazines. How romantic is it to take a cruise in a gondola with your lover while you sail along all beautiful places. And did you know that the most beautiful people live in Italy?

  1. Puerto Mosquito Bay

Located off the tourist island of Vieques, east of the main island of Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay is truly a fairytale. The whole bay is illuminated by the microorganisms that emit light when they disturb words. It couldn’t be more romantic!

  1. Bora Bora

You have to spend a little for this romantic spot, but then you also have an amazing holiday. Bora Bora is an atoll located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and South America. The island, together with Tahiti and Moorea, belongs to French Polynesia. Quite a journey to get there! Many couples celebrate their honeymoon here, so it is definitely a romantic place …

  1. Megève

Whether you want to go skiing, celebrate Christmas or just want a romantic week away with your lover: you have come to the right place at the French town of Megève. This romantic place is full of cute chalets and when it starts snowing it becomes truly magical.

  1. Paris

We’re still staying in France, because the city of love should of course not be missing from this list. A kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower, a romantic walk along the Seine … You should definitely visit Paris with your loved one(s)!


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