16 straight sex positions to put on your bucket list

by LotteLust
16 sex positions bucket list

Are you done with all the basic, boring or simple positions? Then we’ve got news for you! We put together a list of 16 of the hottest positions for heterosexual couples that you should definitely try putting on your bucket list. We have to admit that some of them might be pretty hard, but with some practice you can get very far and that’s worth it!

1. The spider

This position may look a little weird and unusual at first, but it sure is sexy! The man sits with his legs stretched and leans back on his hands. Facing each other, you jump on top with one leg on each side. You can also lean back on your hands. Together you are in control of the movements so get as crazy as you want!

2. The ballerina

This position is for the limber ones among us! You stand directly opposite your partner and put your leg on his shoulders. As the name suggests, you stand like a ballerina. Two tips: use a stool if you are much smaller than your partner. And if you guys have trouble keeping balance, do it against a wall!

3. The crab

Although the name doesn’t sound very exciting, you really should try this one out! In this position, the man lies on his back and you get to sit on top, facing each other. Your legs go forward over his hips. You lean back, you can use your hands as support on the bed or on his legs. The great thing about this position is that it stimulates the G-spot.

4. The lotus

Are you looking for an intimate position where you can look deep into each other’s eyes? Then this is definitely a must do. It’s a pretty simple position and easy to perform, though you do need to be a little flexible. The man sits down in a cross-legged position. You then have to sit on top with your legs around his waist and faces towards each other. Want to make it more exciting? Lean back a little, that way it’s easier for him to stimulate the G-spot.

5. The side knight

In this position, your partner gets to lie on his back and you sit on him. You don’t spread your legs, instead you put your legs to one side. This one can be a little tricky, especially for you, because you have to be very balanced as well. Still having trouble with it? Ask if the guy can hold you, it’s all about teamwork!

6. The serving tray

We can almost guarantee that you will get a sore back after this, but this position is sensational for sure! You lie on your back and raise your legs until they touch the ground, so your feet are next to your head. To hold this position, support your back with your hands, this way you keep your back in the air. He squats and dips his penis in and out of you. A big advantage of this position is, that your blood will flow to your head, which makes the sensation even stronger.

7. The wheel barrow

You’ve probably done this move when you were a kid, you put your hands down on the floor and the person behind you holds your legs. Does the guy have strong arms? If so, this is definitely a nice touch! Because the man is holding your legs next to him, he can go in pretty deep. If it gets too heavy for him, he could sit on the edge of the bed.

8. The rosebud

This is a pretty fun name for a position in itself, isn’t it! You have to think of the position this way: you are the bud. He lies on his back with his legs bent and open, you put yourself down on him backwards. He holds you by your waist and sets the rhythm.

9. The bear

With this position you lie in the fetal position, with your ass up. Your partner goes on top and wraps himself around you, like a bear! This position is perfect if you want an intimate feeling, because it feels warm and protective.

10. The bridge

This is a tough one for the guy, but needs to be included on this bucket list! He does the bridge and you sit on top of him while you move up and down. With this position, it’s helpful if you’re both the same size and weight, to avoid injury.

11. The turtle

The thought behind this position is that you lie on your stomach and keep your legs together. The man gets down on his knees with one knee on each side of your legs. The nice thing about this position is that he has two choices and can mix it up a bit. He can hold his torso up straight to come into you from behind or lay his upper body on your back, practice and see what is most pleasing to you!

12. The butterfly

This is the perfect position for on the kitchen table, because alone in bed can get boring, right? You lie down on the table! And then you put your legs in your partner’s neck. He can keep his hands under your buttocks. For extra support, you can put your hands next to you on the floor. Move your hips in a way that feels good to you and so that there is a perfect angle for penetration.

13. Position 69

A real classic that never misses. With this position, everyone is satisfied, and that’s fair isn’t it? And what makes this position so original is that there is no penetration, so it is also suitable for two women. Your partner lies on their back and you lie on top, but then upside down. This allows both of you to lick each other.

14. The Up and Over

This one sounds a little complicated and definitely tests your endurance, but it’s worth it! And the big advantage; this position allows the man to give deep penetration which stimulates the G-spot, A-spot and cervix. You lie on your back with your legs in the air and your hips pressed against your partner’s body. He lays down slightly at an angle on top of you, supporting his weight with his arms and controlling the depth and rhythm.

15. The smitten pretzel

This is a vertical position where you are on one knee facing each other. Because you are doing the movements together, it is a very equal position. The nice thing about it is that you can kiss and caress extensively. Also, the man can caress your breasts and back and he can also whisper things in your ear or kiss your neck, don’t we all love that?

16. Double whopper

In this position, the man gets to lie on his back and you get to sit on top of him with your back to him. It’s ideal because you can decide how you sit, sitting upright moving up and down, or leaning forward or backward. The man in this position has room to touch your breasts and clitoris, what more could you want?

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