The benefit of being a clingy couple

by LotteLust
clingy couple

When you are completely in love, you want to spend every moment of the day together. All feelings of embarrassment have disappeared 100% and that means that you can’t keep your hands off each other both indoors and outdoors. Intensely cuddling at the bus stop, teasing and tickling each other in an overcrowded train and extensively kissing at a party… Much to the irritation of the environment. Well, haters are gonna hate because research shows that the clingy lovey dovey thing is really good for the relationship.

Ohio State University conducted a study with 92 couples, half of whom were unhappy with their husband or wife. They found that couples who were more intimate with each other were a lot happier with the relationship, and they started having sex more often. Those clingy moments in which you unabashedly whisper sweet words in his ear or kiss in public are great for your connection.

Little intimacy is not good for health

If you don’t like being clingy in public, remember that having little intimacy in a relationship has been scientifically proven to be bad for your health. Yes, research from the University of Utah proves that an unhealthy relationship in women can lead to high blood pressure, extra pounds around your waist, diabetes and even a heart attack.

No wonder, because other studies have shown that touches give you a good shot of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. So shower your lover with kisses – even if things go wrong, it will make you both happy again in no time. And then pull him into bed …


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