You’re most attractive in THIS season

by LotteLust
attractive season

The summer provides a nice tan, a healthy flush on our cheeks and we have trained en masse for our bikini body. In winter, on the other hand, most women don’t feel that sexy. Dry skin, frizzy hair, pale skin, a nose as red as Rudolph’s, Christmas pounds and shaving is no longer number one priority … We feel a lot less sexy and sultry, but the men on the other hand…!

Most attractive: sweaters versus bikinis?

In one study, men were shown photos of women in the summer ( bikini and all) and photos of women in the winter (dressed up). What turned out to be? Most men went for the winter bodies anyway. Women are thus found to be sexier in the cold seasons.

The Polish researchers explain: men see so much skin in the summer that they become more selective and critical of what they see. In winter they see a lot less, because everything is hidden under several layers of clothing. This makes a bare shoulder, piece of décolleté or bare back all the more attractive.

Interesting… this means that we can cherish that Christmas belly. 🙂


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