Four of the best positions to stimulate your G-spot

by LotteLust
stimulate your G-spot

Sex isn’t just about orgasming. But let’s be honest … an orgasm is often the icing on the cake! Although the focus is often placed on clitoral orgasm, today we highlight the G-spot orgasm. The following positions guarantee overwhelming G-spot stimulation!

The cowgirl

Climb on top! Not only does your lover have a great view, he also has full access to your curves and clit (wink wink). When you ride it, you are in control. You determine the depth, the tempo and the ideal angles.

Tip: lean back slightly with your body so that his penis pushes exactly against your G-spot.

Double the pleasure by (fingering) yourself or adding a sex toy to your love game! Tip: the reverse version of this position (with your back to him) ensures that his penis penetrates you from a different angle. It may take some searching, but you know what they say … practice makes perfect!


This position may be a bit cliché, but the missionary should not be missing from this list. You will never go wrong with this position! Especially not when it comes to G-spot stimulation. Because this classic is so basic, you can not only easily accept it, but you can also use it in all kind of wats. With a little imagination, there are countless variations on this position.

Tip: lift your butt off the mattress, tilt your pelvis and clamp your legs around his waist to put extra pressure on your G-spot.

Legs in the air

This position is a variation on the missionary. The moment your lover lifts your legs and puts them over his shoulders, he gets the opportunity to slide even deeper into you. When you lift your butt a little, it pampers your G-spot extra well. When you are in a kinky mood, you can also drape your legs in an X shape. Complete surrender is key.

Doggy style

This position is extremely popular (especially among men) and we understand why! In addition to the wonderful view for the men, this position also provides overwhelming G-spot stimulation. That is, if you do it right! You have no idea what we’re talking about now? Try to find the right position the next time you adopt this position. Slide a little to the left or right, tilt your pelvis (tip: put a pillow under your stomach!), Or drop a little deeper.


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