6 things men are embarrassed about

by LotteLust
embarrassed about

Not only we women are insecure, men are too. For example, some men can behave macho, but they too sometimes have doubts about their hair, physique or appearance.

  1. Body odor

After exercise or because of nerves: men can sweat a lot. If you think women are a fan of deodorant, you should pay attention to how much antiperspirant they use..

  1. Back hair

Looking like a grizzly bear from the back is a real no-go for men. Men also regularly visit a wax bar or buy hair removal products.

  1. Moobs

Moobs a.k.a. male boobs are something men are pretty scared of. They love seeing boobs on women, but not on themselves.

  1. Competition

Just as we often look at the appearance of other women, so do men. Their clothing style, how the other men hair is or how the beard is trimmed: men scan their (possible) competitors from head to toe. Especially in the showers.

  1. Baldness

One man gets a receding hairline around the age of 25 and the other after the age of 40, but for men their hair is often sacred. You will be amazed at how many remedies are available for men to combat baldness.

  1. No sex drive

They say that men think about sex about 24/7 and, like rabbits, they can do it all day. But nothing is less true. Men also sometimes do not feel like having sex. They shouldn’t be ashamed of that at all, but because of the stereotype that they should be sex animals, they sometimes do.

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