Foreplay ideas to drive him crazy

by LotteLust

Foreplay is often rushed to get on to “the better work”. A shame, because with long foreplay the sex becomes much more intense afterwards. These 7 foreplay ideas will change that! Foreplay that consists only of quick handwork and oral sex becomes boring routine work after a while. Are you still missing inspiration? Give foreplay a sexy upgrade with these great tips!

Gift for later

The great thing about foreplay is that it can start hours in advance. For example, by teasing him with a message about what you plan to do with him later that day. Tip: put a silk scarf in his bag before leaving for work. Write a note with the text: “You need this tonight ;)”. Bet he can’t wait to get home?

Sexy lingerie/outfit

As we know, men are visual beings. You make it with sweatpants, a wide T-shirt and a skin-colored bra not wild him. Put on a sexy lingerie outfit. Preferably one that he does not yet know for an increased surprise effect.

Watch and don’t touch

Walk into the room in your set while your lover is watching television, or something similar, and attract his attention unobtrusively. Look seductively at him, but don’t let him touch you… Let him watch alone while you watch television or fold the laundry. He will go mad with desire!

Foreplay in the shower

After a long day, you often want to freshen up before you dive into bed together. Kill two birds with one stone by showering together. Give him a sexy massage. Start at his shoulder, chest and end with his butt and bottom.

Ultimate tease

His penis isn’t the only erogenous zone on his body. The area around it is often overlooked. While you’re blowing him: whenever he’s about to cum, stop to massage and kiss the inner thighs. He just wants more thanks to this start-and-stop trick. The uplifting sensations ultimately give him a smashing orgasm.

Sexy music

Music during sex sounds very corny, but consider for yourself how music unconsciously arouses emotions in you. An exciting song makes everything ten times more intense. Stay away from cliche numbers like “Pony”, but choose the sizzling Earned It from The Weekend or Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware.

Playing with heat

Playing with ice cubes is a good foreplay tip, but if you really want to surprise him, do so with warm temperatures. First, that is much more pleasant for his sensitive sex. Take hot water in your mouth (or lightly brewed tea to make it pleasant to drink). Let it rest in your mouth for a while so that the entire inside is heated. Swallow just before putting his penis in your mouth.

Erotic massage

Just like a handjob, but just a step further. Start massaging his neck, shoulders and back spontaneously. Use a lot of massage oil for this. After a while, order him to take off his pants. Then start kneading his buttocks and slowly slide your hands towards his massage. Start massaging his balls gently. Finish with a long massage of his penis. Start very tenderly and increase the pace slowly. 


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