Why long foreplay is so important

by LotteLust

Sex is more than penetration. Long foreplay is the perfect way to excite your desires. For example, long foreplay  increases pleasure between the sheets, but it is also important for the following reasons.

A good warming up prevents pain

Even if you have been thinking about his body all day, you are very horny and eager to go crazy… Even then long foreplay is a real must! We no longer have to explain that complete relaxation of the body is crucial for a pleasant experience. Like a machine, your body has to warm up well before you start the real deal. Not to mention ‘the lubrication’ of your love machine: the longer the foreplay, the more moist your vagina becomes. Being wet is essential as it can prevent nasty ailments. Rough penetration can cause cracks in the vagina. These cracks often lead to painful and uncomfortable infections. In for a quickie? Then provide a good dose of lubricant!

You get to know each other’s bodies and fantasies better

Foreplay is more than cuddling and kissing. Think of foreplay as a journey to discovering each others bodies. Take the time to pleasure each other and try out new things. Give each other erotic massages, use a sex toy or role play a kinky scene. You don’t just give your sex life a new dimension and boost, you’ll also build up tension this way.

The tensions leads to spectacular orgasms

Long foreplay makes you feel more connected. Afterwards your bodies will melt together. All the built up tension creates the ultimate desire for each other. When he finally slips into you, this will feel much more intimate than when there is (almost) no foreplay. The intensity of your orgasm will also be unprecedentedly spectacular if you take the time to please each other. In short: long foreplay equals an overall state of ecstasy.

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