Stimulate the G-spot in 10 steps

by LotteLust

The G-spot should not be a mystery. Everyone with a clitoris has a G-spot, but not everyone can find it. The best trip to stimulate this pleasure spot also raises many questions. Do you want to look for your G-spot, together or alone? Practice with this step-by-step plan.

What is the G-spot?

First the theory before you start practicing. The G-spot is located about one or two inches deep in the vagina on the front wall. It is actually the back of the internal part of the clitoris. When stimulated, it is spongy to the touch. It can swell from stimulation of the clitoris and the area itself. It is possible to stimulate your G-spot with your fingers, but that will – literally – not get you very far. With a helping hand from a partner you are more successful.

Stimulation of the G-spot can give vagina owners an intense feeling and sometimes even a smashing climax, but you don’t have to see that as an end goal. The stimulation of the G-spot feels so fiery because it is close to the internal clitoris, but just not close enough for most to get off it. By stimulating the G-spot and the clitoris externally you can easily reach a climax. Because you stimulate both, it will be extra intense!

How does a G-spot orgasm feel?

“A G-spot orgasm certainly feels different from a clitoral orgasm. While stimulating the clitoris creates an electric-like and rapidly building tension, stimulation from the G-spot creates a much deeper arousal that slowly spreads. This makes you feel the peak less clearly, but the orgasm is very intense. That intensity is influenced by the pelvic nerve, one of the strongest nerves in our body. This nerve connects the G-spot to the nerves of the spine and upper abdomen and is difficult to control. A G-spot orgasm is therefore a lot more difficult to control than a “normal” orgasm. So surrender to it and have the orgasm of your life! ”

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Searching for the G-spot: the 10 steps

  1. Visit the bathroom before you start. If the G-spot swells, it will press against your bladder. That is why you often get a feeling like you have to pee. Also associated with squirting. Some women do not like this pressure on their bladder. First, make sure your bladder is empty for a comforting feeling.
  2. Don’t be too fixated. If you think “I HAVE to find that G-spot”, you get frustrated when it doesn’t work. And that is why you can’t relax and that is disastrous for a good sex experience. Open up and try to relax as much as possible.
  3. Get yourself fired up by kissing, hugging, and caressing for a while. When you are relaxed and horny, your vagina relaxes en widens and your G-spot is already set up a bit: ready for stimulation.
  4. Have your partner bring two fingers into you (or do it yourself). The spot is a few inches deep at the front of the vagina. You first feel ridges and just behind them is the spot you want to stimulate. Also remember to try these great G-spot positions.
  5. When you’re experimenting with G-spot stimulation, you probably don’t know yet what you like exactly. Therefore, try out different movements. First, only press two fingers on the swollen area. First gently and then with considerable pressure. Some like light stimulation, where other prefer a firm touch. Try different things to discover what works for you.
  6. Vary in movements. First turn in circles with your fingers and then rub from left to right and from bottom to top. The move that is most sensitive and enjoyable for most women is the “come here” movement. Start slowly with two fingers and ramp it up.
  7. Alternate the stimulation with clitoral stimulation. Many vagina owners cannot reach an orgasm due to stimulation on the G-spot alone. It can also sometimes be a bit too intense. so by alternating you can relax a bit again. One thing can strengthen the other. After three minutes, go back to the G-spot. Stimulate both points to make her come.
  8. Tip for the one with the G-spot: let yourself go. It is important to relax completely instead of contracting your vaginal muscles on purpose. With G-spot stimulation you can have an orgasm that will make you squirt. Then you get the feeling as if you have to pee, which is where many give up. Read more about squirting here.
  9. Keep trying. By practicing over and over again, you learn what you like. If it doesn’t work, don’t give up and try again a few days later. Keep enjoying!
  10. Communicate with your partner about what you like. Use your voice and use commands like: harder and softer.


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