Sexmoves from porn you should definitely try

by LotteLust

What do porn films and romantic movies have in common? They both create expectations that are rarely met in real life. In porn, everything has to be extreme: horny, hornier, horniest. Just like a romcom, erotic content is all about portraying a fantasy. It does not have to be a complete portrayal of reality. But you can certainly use porn as a source of inspiration to improve your sex skills. That’s why we list the porna moves which are definitely worth trying out at some point.

Anal play

Anal and porn both have the ‘wrong and dirty’ reputation. That image has gradually diminished. According to research, about half of the women have tried anal sex. Don’t you fall into that category? Don’t love/hate it until you try it. Anal play includes not only sex-sex, but also annilingus (licking the anus), also known as ‘rimming’.

Dirty talk

In porn, especially the kind that is not specifically for women, you come across quite a lot of violent dirty talk. Stuff along the lines of “you dirty whore” and “choke on this cock”. Maybe not what you want to hear or say in real life. Although in real life you can talk a bit more in bed. No long conversations about who would do the dishes or how your sick aunt is doing. No. Dirty talk is a way to get each other worked up and at the same time an exciting way to express what you like. No long conversations, but short, powerful statements in your sultry Scarlett Johansson voice.


When you talk about extremes in porn, you immediately think of BDSM. Spanking, choking, bondage, you name it. As long as you stick to the BDSM rules, experimenting with whips and ropes etc. is completely safe. Check out our beautiful porn for women for inspiration.

Perineum massage

This move does not qualify as anal sex, as the sweet spot is located between the genitals and the anus. Especially men seem to like the massage of the perineum as an extra during (oral) sex.


Squirting is kind of like the holy grail of female orgasms. Squirting means that you literally spray your orgasm. When you climax, a liquid ‘squirts’ out of your vagina. The intensity of squirting varies from woman to woman, but there is no such thing as a metres long squirt like you sometimes see in porna. Not every woman is able to squirt, but it is certainly worth a try. A squirting orgasm is very intense. In contrast to what you often read, squirting is possible with a G-spot orgasm as well as a vaginal or clitoral orgasm.

Finally: these are only tips to broaden your horizon. Nothing is mandatory, everything is allowed. In the end, you should always do what makes you feel good. Happy experimenting!


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