The first time anal… Everything you need to know

by LotteLust

The first time having anal sex can be really exciting and a bit stressful. When someone’s knocking on the backdoor for the first time, it is best to be prepared.

How to prepare yourself, what are the best positions and how to have an orgasm? We will tell you everything!

Preparation is key

Porn makes it seem like a penis can slide through your back door just like that. Nope! Although anal sex can be very pleasurable for many people, your behind is not made for sex. Unlike your vagina, the anus does not produce its own moisture. Put it on your shopping list: XL tube of silicone lubricant. Read here what kind of lube you should get.

Timing is everything

One of the biggest fears women have about anal activity is that you will have to poop afterwards or, even worse, that some will end up on his dick. Awkward… Fortunately, this rarely happens. We say ‘rarely’, because it can happen. But then you’d have to be extremely messy. Make sure your bowels are empty. About an hour after you’ve gone to the bathroom, it’s safe to start having sex. Unless, of course, you had massive diarrhea. Then you need to keep the backdoor shut.

Anal is not supposed to hurt

If it does hurt, it means your preparation is flawed. You are too stressed, your sphincter is still too tight and/or you have not used enough lube. Again, go big with the lube purchases!

You need to be extremely turned on

Anal is not something you just do as a quick activity. As mentioned before, it requires preparation. Also, it will only be good and hot if you are very turned on. So never ‘go Greek’ to please someone else. And make sure you take the time for plenty of foreplay. Without orgasms! Because then your muscles will tighten again.

Anal requires specific positions

Is it in? Great! But wild positions are – especially for your first anal experience – out of the question. Let yourself get used to the feeling first and focus on relaxing. Stick to easy positions. Especially if it is your first time. Cowgirl is only for the advanced. But missionary and spooning are nice positions to start with.

You can have an anal orgasm

Yes! The thing that stops many women from trying anal is the idea that anal sex can’t be pleasurable. “There’s no clitoris, is there?” But there is! The clitoris extends far beyond the little button you see on the outside. Most of it goes around your vagina and anus. That is why doing anal can be very enjoyable.

Do you really want an intense orgasm? Try to combine anal sex with another kind of stimulation. Use a vibrator, for instance.

Click here for detailed information about the clitoris.

Be safe

What we often forget is that anal sex comes with a high risk of STDs. For example, the chance of contracting HIV is five times higher with unsafe anal sex. This is because during anal, your blood vessels can rupture, which increases the chance of contracting an STD in comparison to other sexual activities. So are you unsure whether you and your sexual partner are clean? Then we definitely recommend using a condom!

Don’t go from back to front

Okay, we don’t want to ruin the whole idea of anal sex for you, but besides the risk of an STD, it’s also good to know that your anus remains a source of bacteria. This is something you have to keep in mind if you want to switch between vagina and anus. From Vagina to Anus is possible, but from anal sex to vaginal sex is an absolute no go! Especially when you’re not using a condom. On the penis, bacteria can be brought to your vagina and you will regret that. If you do want to switch, use a condom for anal sex and take it off before you have vaginal sex. Same with vaginal sex, you have to consider whether you want to use a condom to prevent getting STIs. This is always a good idea! So when you go from anus to vagina, use a new condom! Keep it all separate and everything will be fine!

More questions about doing anal? Ask them below!

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