What lube should I choose?

by LotteLust

Lube has a bad image. It’s ‘dirty,’ ‘slippery’ and anything but a sexy topic. Unfair.. Lube should get more credit in sex land. That’s why we share all the ins and outs about this slippery substance.

Lube: the basics

Lube is a substance used to let things slide easier during sex. You use lubricant on your precious parts to let things run ‘lubricated.’ This prevents annoying and painful cracks and irritations to the vagina and penis. For example, it can be a godsend for women who struggle with getting wet. But even if you do not suffer from that, lube ensures that sex can run smoothly.

There are three kinds of lube: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based.

Water-based lube

The most commonly used lubricants are water-based. These types are a must when using condoms and sex toys. A disadvantage of this type is that it dries up quickly because your body absorbs the water. On the other hand, it does wash off easily, so there’s no mess.

Silicone-based lube

Do you have a long night of passion ahead of you? Then put silicone lubricant on the nightstand. This contains no water and thus dissolves a lot less quickly. You can continue to ‘lubricate’ for a long time. This makes it also ideal for anal sex and for shower sex.

Caution: do not use a toy with silicone lubricant. The two are both made of silicone, which will affect your toy.

Oil-based lube

Oil based is not suitable as a lubricant during a lovemaking. The oil can cause blockage of the mucous membranes which increases the chance of an infection. In addition, oil is a huge mismatch with a condom, because the oil dissolves the natural rubber latex. To summarize, don’t use oil-based lubricant in the bedroom.

Extra tips 

  • Always test the lube on your hand or arm before to check for any allergic reactions. The last thing you want is an irritated vagina… Fortunately, there are also special lubes for sensitive skin.
  • Remember: only buy lube at the drugstore or sex shop. Creativity in the bedroom is great, but don’t use things like olive oil as a lubricant substitute.
  • A lubricant is not a massage oil. Nowadays there are brands that sell a 2 in 1 lube, but from own experience, we would advise against it. They are often water-based, so they dry quickly and feel sticky on the skin. Not what you want from a nice massage.
  • Are you changing bed partners? Make sure to also change your lube as you can easily transfer bacteria through the packaging.

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