The hottest submissive sex positions

by LotteLust

Does your lover like to take control and are you not afraid to surrendering yourself completely? Or would you like to experiment with blindfolds and whips? Then the following sex positions are a fun way to exercise your power game. These are the most submissive sex positions, including matching sex toys!

The sailor

When you throw your legs in the air, your vagina is slightly more opened. This allows you to be penetrated deeper. Your G-spot will also enjoy this position! Because you are face-to-face, this position is very intimate and intimidating. Dirty talk is a possibility … But an intense look also works wonders! For double the pleasure, grab a clit pamper from your nightstand. Unless the partner prefers to tie your wrists to your ankles and use their hands for purposes other than keeping your legs in the right place.

The grinder

The moment you assume the missionary position, your pelvic floor muscles clench in such a way that your love can go very deep inside. If he lifts you up, he can slide even deeper into you. Let your weight rest on your upper body to achieve this. Ready for the SM version? Use special BDSM rope with which he ties your wrists to your legs. There is nowhere else to go, so he has all the power. Hot, right?

The prison style

The name of this submissive position reveals a lot… Add an exciting role-play to it and you have the perfect scene for your lovemaking. How to do it? Bend over, have your hands tied behind your back with handcuffs or a piece of string and give yourself completely to hard, deep thrusts. Because the bedroom tools ensure that he has his hands free, he can pamper your clit with a vibrator. One thing is for sure: this police officer will not let you escape anytime soon!


This classic should definitely not be missing from this list! Rough, animalistic and very submissive. Besides the fact that your lover will have a great view, this position also offers many BDSM possibilities. This way he can work your butt with his hands or a whip. Toss your hair back so he can pull it. Can it still be kinkier? With a set of handcuffs or a strong rope, he can tie your hands tightly behind your back. One thing is certain: this position guarantees complete submission and deep penetration!


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