What kissing left or right reveals about you

by LotteLust
kissing left or right

Does your nose point to the right or left when you kiss someone? Everyone has their “favorite” side. You’ve probably never thought about it, but recent research reveals that the direction your head turns reveals a lot about your relationship to this person.

Researchers at the Canadian University of Saskatchewan studied 500 photos of tongue-wrestling couples and compared those with kisses – tongue-less, of course – in platonic relationships (friends and relatives).

Kissing right = love

It turned out that as many as 80 percent of couples in love turned their heads to the right when they kissed. “The research shows that whoever turns to the right has romantic feelings for that person. Turning to the left indicates a more platonic relationship” said one of the researchers.

Hmm… Interesting. But why?! “Our brain consists of a left and a right hemisphere. Activity in one hemisphere often makes us move in the opposite direction. The emotional center is located in the left hemisphere of the brain. The stronger your feelings, the more you will move to the right.”

Left kissers, don’t panic!

That makes sense. But now should you worry if you and your boyfriend kiss to the left? Hakuna matata! The researchers explain: “There are also other factors at play: if you are left-handed, you may also prefer to turn to the left. Or you can just be very nervous, which disrupts your natural impulses.” 


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