10 tips for better solosex for vagina owners

by LotteLust

We all want better sex. Then you often think of having fun in the bed with another person, but regarding solosex we can also teach ourselves some new tricks…

Most people have a “solosex routine”. They know what they like and within minutes the ‘job’ is done. But there are so many ways to make it even more amazing. Have you ever thought about these 10 tips?

1. Use lube

The slippery stuff is mostly used for partnered sex but can come in handy when you’re going solo. Thanks to lube you can make smoother movements and it reduces the chance of irritations. We want smooth sailing!

2. Give yourself a boob massage

Don’t forget your breasts! Your two friends want to join in the fun too. So squeeze your breasts yourself and try to stimulate your nipples. Bet it gives extra thrills?!

3. Sex toys!

A woman cannot live without sex toys. Yes, even if you are in a relationship. Invest in a good, top-quality toy that has different vibration modes.

4. Make it romantic

Romantic evening for one! Dim the lights, light candles and put on a sultry song. Show yourself some solosex love!

5. Edging

Ever heard of it? Edging means that you postpone your orgasm for as long as possible. So when you feel a peak coming, rest for a few seconds and then keep going. Repeat this a few times. Postponing often results in a greater explosion of tingling sensations, woohoo!

6. Explore your G-spot

Don’t just focus on your clitoris, but also give your G-spot some love (those who were born with a clitoris have a G-spot). Alternate or stimulate both pleasure spots. This can be done with your fingers, but also in combination with a toy.

7. Watch a porna movie

With fantasy you can go a long way, but for more imagination you can put on a porna movie. If you don’t do that very often, solosex can be a completely different experience for you. Never watched porn before or not so familiar with the porn sites? We’ve selected the most beautiful, female-friendly porn.

8. Or read a sexy story

More of a fan of the written word? Let it run free by reading an exciting story. Read erotic stories here on LotteLust.

9. Vary in “masturbation positions”

Are you always solosexing on your back? Try some masturbation positions. Get down on your knees or on your stomach during masturbation. The whole pressure in your body changes so that your orgasm also feels different.

10. Give a show

It can be very hot to let your friend or partner watch while touching yourself. Who knows, he/she might learn something from it. Win win!

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