The five hottest sex positions for deep penetration

by LotteLust

Fast sex can be great, but sometimes you need a slower pace. Because calmer also means deeper: slow sex creates more arousal, allowing your partner to penetrate you deeper. LotteLust selected the five hottest sex positions for deep penetration for you.

The following positions can be tried by heterosexual couples and/or couples who use a strap on.

1. The Amazon

If you like to be dominant in bed, this is the sex position for you. In this position the girl is on top and the man lies on his back with his legs in the air. His knees are bent and you sit on him, in a kind of squat. You can rest on your knees. Have him hold his legs as close to his chest as possible so that you have room to squat up and down. And so he can penetrate you well.

2. The G-Spot stunner

The perfect sex position to stimulate your G-Spot is the G-Spot stunner. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be really popping, that of course depends entirely on how hard it hits. He can certainly go deep with this sex position and that makes this position so good. It goes like this: You lie on the bed with your legs high in the air, your feet pointing towards the ceiling. Your lover gets on his knees in front of you, but instead of putting his legs as wide as possible, he keeps them close together. In this way he can make himself as long as possible. Then he grabs you by your legs to pull you towards him. This way you get even higher, so that almost your entire body points to the ceiling (see illustration).

deep penetration

3. Teaspooning

This sex position is best for couples because it is very intimate. You cuddle each other while you are busy. Teaspoon is derived from spooning, only you do not perform this position lying down. In this sex position, both you and your lover are on your knees, he behind you with his legs wide. You keep your legs close together, so you feel him even deeper when he enters you. While he does so, he can put his arms around you for a close hug.


4. The frog

A variation on the doggy style position is the frog. And if you perform this, you immediately understand where this position got its name. Squat and lift your buttocks, support with your hands on the floor, your feet are flat on the floor. Then your lover sits behind you, on his knees, and enters you. When you find the right height, he can penetrate you extra deep. If it doesn’t feel nice, put your legs a little wider or a little more together. And pay attention to where you place your hands, as this can also make a difference in how it feels.

the frog

5. Italian chandelier

The bow is a combination of different sex positions, including spooning. It goes like this: Your boy lies on his back on the bed and you climb above him. You lie down with your back on his chest. Let him go to you. Spread your arms for extra balance, he stays balanced by spreading his legs slightly. When you are both lying steady, lift your legs, bend your knees towards your chest. He bends his legs slightly so that you can rest your feet on his knees. The more you arch your back, the deeper it can thrust.

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