What is squirting? Everything to know about squirt orgasm

by LotteLust

Squirting is a hot topic. This is mainly because it is still a mysterious subject for many men, women but also scientists. In this article we will be answer all your burning questions about squirting.

Why can’t all women squirt? Is it the same as female ejaculation? Is it pee? Some questions that often rise when it comes to the subject of squirting. We have delved deeply into the matter to find out exactly what it with this mysterious phenomenon.

Is squirting the same thing as peeing?

In a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine researchers gathered seven squirters to find out exactly what happens during such a wet intercourse. Several new facts about squirt were discovered from their research. Firstly, yes, the fluid coming out of the vagina during squirting is partly urine.

The researchers came to this conclusion this way: the subjects gave a urine sample and had to urinate afterwards. Then, under the ultrasound, they checked if their bladder was empty. Then they went to the examination room, alone or with a partner, where they started (solo) sex. Without cumming. As soon as the subjects were excited enough, an ultrasound looked again at how full their bladder was. And indeed, a little moisture had been added. That made sense, because quite some time had passed. Then the women were brought back to the room where they continued sex until they would squirt. Then they were placed under the ultrasound again. You guessed it: their bladders were completely empty.

It was also discovered in the laboratory that the liquid has the same structure as urine. The fluid comes out of the bladder and the chemical analysis revealed that it comes from the kidneys. So we can (unfortunately?) conclude that watery urine comes out of you when you squirt. But if you search the world wide web for experiences, you can read that (among others) men say that the liquid does not taste like pee and is also much lighter in color, which reassures us a bit.

How to squirt?

Squirting is usually associated with stimulation of the G-spot. By stimulating the G-spot, the urethral sponge (located between the bladder and the vagina) swells. Some people may start to squirt if a swollen G-spot is stimulated with a ‘come here’ movement. The swelling makes you feel pressure on your bladder. When you relax your muscles and give in to the great stimulation … Poof, you could start squirting. See the video below for an animation.

Is squirting the same as female ejaculation?

Let’s tackle another misunderstanding about squirting. Most people think that the two terms are synonyms, but nothing could be further from the truth. Female ejaculation comes from the female prostate. Yes, we have one… Squirt liquid gives more of a spray effect and comes from the urethra. Female ejaculation occurs in the vagina itself and has about the same consistency as saliva.


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